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The Streakin’ Deacon Blog

Pro Humanitate Day 2017

After the fight song has been played, the Deacon has come by with a signature fist bump, and the students have filed into the library for a long week of studying before finals, we are reminded …

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Concerning the Time Since Key Biscayne

Beloved reader,

You you may recall the circumstances of our previous correspondence. Our heroes and the Streakin’ Deacon, were literally suspended in adventure deep in the Florida …

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Stranded in Crandon Park, Key Biscayne

You read that correctly – The Streakin’ Deacon was stranded for a little over 24 hours in Key Biscayne, FL. Not a bad place to be stranded if you ask me:

Ok, so there wasn’t a beautiful …

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Movin' Up in the (Social Media) World!

Hello from South Florida!  Honestly, I always say that the best part of my job is getting to visit with you all on the road.  This week I escaped Winston for the sandy beaches and smiling faces …

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Locked Out But Not Shut Out

Hey guys!

I have an awesome story to tell you and I’m so excited I can barely stand it! Let’s hop right in:

It all starts with these wonderful WFU Orlando Alums:

We were all hanging …

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