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Runnin’ in the Desert

That’s desert with one “s.” There’s nothing decadent about the landscape we are moving through – no Mag trees to shade us, no grass to run barefoot in. Something deeply terrifying and also beautiful. Perhaps sublime is the word I’m looking for. By the time we left El Centro, CA for Phoenix our temp. gauge […]

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Hope in the Trees

“This park is going to be so pretty one day,” Jane Cage (’78) says with a steady gaze.  We are strolling by a row of saplings in Mercy Park – the unofficial ground zero for the EF5 tornado that ravaged the small town of Joplin only 6 years ago.  The trees are barely nascent but […]

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They Left Me…

The Streakin’ Deacon just left for Cincinnati yesterday and I must admit, I am having a bit of separation anxiety. I know she is in good hands – Chelsea and Kathleen are both great drivers – it’s just…weird. I’m still getting used to my stationary office desk. The scenery here does not change as fast. […]

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Pro Humanitate Day 2017

After the fight song has been played, the Deacon has come by with a signature fist bump, and the students have filed into the library for a long week of studying before finals, we are reminded of what lays at the heart of this great place, that always heartfelt motto, Pro Humanitate. On this Pro Humanitate Day, […]

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Concerning the Time Since Key Biscayne

Beloved reader, You you may recall the circumstances of our previous correspondence. Our heroes and the Streakin’ Deacon, were literally suspended in adventure deep in the Florida Keys. With nothing but a few roadside tools, an electric drill, and a robust palm branch, our protagonists leveraged themselves out of the sand and arrived safely back in North Carolina with […]

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